Welcome To ABH Sound



Proper recording is not just about pressing the record button, it is more about the capture of emotion and the dynamics as accurately as it is originally expressed. With the Ideal Signal chain standard to any High-quality studio world over, we give you the ideal experience and capture your ideas in a way no other does. We Record Singers, Live Bands, Voice over artists, ADR Services among many more.


Making Beats and instrumental tracks is the core strength of our Business. We have access to Professional Session players who are able to deliver on whatever Style, genre and mood you have ever dreamt of Varying from Classical, Pop, Trap, RnB, Funk, Ballads, Salsa, Reggae and also traditionally oriented sounds. Having a rich sound bank will as well ensure that your tracks have that unique gloss and enable your Music Stand out and always capture your audience’s attention. We also compose scores for film and Foley for animation, Make Music for Video Games, Create Sound Beds for Adverts and Compose the most Unique Jingles for different brands and campaigns.You name it, we’ve got it.


Post Production is the Backbone of The Music production process as it is the stage where your ideas are interpreted and transformed into world class levels. With Solid Sound Engineering skills and the best Plug ins and sounds, we are able to bridge the gap between your compositions and the Competitive world of Sound design. You can never go wrong when you let us handle this undermined yet very crucial process. Ensuring the different tracks with different moods in your album are consistent in quality and RMS Levels. This is not just limited to music as we also do Final Mix for TV and film productions by putting the dialogue into proper perspective, with the right Ambience underneath and all the necessary aids to help drive the message home with undeniable clarity and creativity.

Video Production

We have a dedicated Crew to ensure your imagination comes to life, this includes; the producer, director, screenwriter, cinematographer, gaffer, grip. Art director and a dedicated team for post-production that includes editors and colorists.