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- Brayo -

ABH as he is popularly known is the short form For Another Brayo Hit. This was a phrase he coined at a very young age and his reason behind it was that every track he touches has to be a hit hence every other Jam he produces and/ or hitting the airwaves will always be Another Brayo Hit. He is a Multi-Talented producer who plays the piano, Bass Guitar and an assortment of authentic musical instruments, Song writes, Voices and Arranges harmonies and a very good Music Director. He has enjoyed Commercial success for a period of at least ten years when he had songs on heavy Radio rotation as far back as 2008 as he was also mentoring and tutoring other aspiring producers and Sound engineers as he was perfecting his craft to world class levels. With a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology and Communication from The University of Nairobi, he uses this edge to be able to tap into target audiences by analyzing behavioral patterns and trends to be able to effectively communicate and pass messages to the intended Targets for the numerous campaigns he has engaged in for Corporations such as KPLC, HELB,NASA, NHIF, CAK, CRDB Bank Tanzania, Consolidated bank PNL, PSK, TMG, Sautisol amongst many more that are listed in His rich portfolio of satisfied Clients. With Him is where passion meets professionalism and efficiency is maximum regardless of timelines and client expectations.